Apis Nativa has implemented and certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Practice of Industrialization (BPF) and the Standardized Operational Procedures (SOFs). Through theses systems of quality control, the company guarantees the production of safe food to the consumers.

Apis Nativa cares about the traceability of the product, thus in order to guarantee the control of it, Apis Nativa maintains a file of all suppliers and every raw material are recorded in the internal system of identification that guarantees the entire record and control of the batch, from the apiary to the final consumers. This control allows HACCP and Traceability the easy identification of the origin of the products and ensure a complete traceability. ll batches are easily traceable back to the beekeeper.

In order to assure the highest quality of the product, the suppliers are inspected to verify if they meet the requirement of Good Pratice of Production and Hygiene, and only the beekeepers that fulfill it are authorized as a Apis Nativa supplier.

The colaborators of Apis Nativa are also trained about the Good Hygienic Practices, Personal Behavior and information about BPF and SOP's and HACCP.