Social projects

Social projects

Apis Nativa understands the importance of quality of life and is involved in several social projects to help needy people who live in humanitarian aid institutions in their region.

Casa do Menor Madre Regina (local orphanage): The needy children of this entity are fed, educated and loved. The company helps to fully support more than 100 children in partnership with religious entities and volunteers.

Lar São Vicente de Paulo (nursing home for the elderly): More than 30 elderly people live in this nursing home. The essential ingredients for caring for the elderly at the institution are nursing, patience and love. Full support is provided by a religious entity and chaired by the Rotary Club. Apis Nativa is a financial collaborator and managing partner of this project. Visit the website of the Lar dos Idosos São Vicente de Paulo.

O Bebê e sua Árvore Project (The Baby and hisTree): This project, developed by the Rotary Club, donates a native tree seedling to each child born at the local hospital. This action encourages love for nature and the value of the environment for future generations. Apis Nativa finances and supports this project which, since 2008, has been planting more than 300 trees every month, contributing to the reforestation of the planet.


Forest Garden Dr. Célio Silva: The forest garden is an area of native forest, with numerous specimens of Brazilian flora. The project started more than 40 years ago and occupies an area of 30,000 square meters, embedded in the center of the city of Araranguá/SC. The garden offers walking trails, living space, plants identified by signs and beehives. The forest garden receives professors, students and botanical specialists, who visit the park to appreciate botany and socialize in the midst of nature. This structure is maintained by Apis Nativa and has free pass for visitors acess.