The Brazilian beeswax has been elected as the Best Beeswax in the World for the second consecutive time.


During the 48th International Apiculture Congress, an event organized by Apimondia – the International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations, which took place from September 4th to 8th, 2023, in Santiago, Chile, Apis Nativa's beeswax received a Gold Medal, being elected as the best beeswax in the world. This achievement repeats the feat of 2022 when Brazilian beeswax received a Gold Medal in Turkey. On that occasion, it was one of the 7 medals that Apis Nativa brought to Brazil during the 47th edition of the event, setting a record for Brazilian apiculture.

"To have an exceptional product, it requires the involvement of the entire chain, from the concern for the environment where bees live, to the attention and care of the beekeeper, and the rigor in processing the products when they arrive for processing. This award is not just for Apis Nativa; we are a link in this chain. I would like to congratulate the beekeeping families who are our partners and the company's employees. These are essential people for achieving these medals, and we dedicate this honor to them," said Tarciano Santos da Silva, director of Apis Nativa.

Dr. Célio Silva, an expert in apiculture and hive products, added: "Beeswax plays a fundamental role in beekeeping, assisting in the construction of new frames and accelerating honey production. High-quality beeswax provides a superior environment for bee work, positively influencing the entire hive's production cycle. Furthermore, in the industry, beeswax is used in the production of cosmetics, food, and medicines. The quality of our beeswax, already recognized by the Brazilian industry, now receives the endorsement of international organizations attesting to its high quality. Everything operates within a chain. If we deliver the Best Beeswax in the World to the industry, our customers deliver better and more reputable products to the market, which distributes high-quality products to the consumer. In the end, everyone wins."

Apimondia holds its events every two years, except for the year 2021 when the conference was scheduled for Russia but was postponed to the following year in Turkey due to events related to the war in the country. The next edition is scheduled for 2025 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.