Students from Balneário Arroio do Silva uncover the secrets of bees and their products at Apis Nativa.


Under the guidance of the coordinator of the Sanistarista Jr project at Cidasc, João Natalino Martins, an enthusiastic group of 5th-grade students and directors from E.M.E.B PROFª JAIRA VIEIRA BORGES delved into the intriguing world of bees during an enriching visit to Apis Nativa company. The mission? To explore the mysteries of bee life and uncover the hidden treasures inside the hives.

Guided by Dr. Célio Silva, an apiculture specialist and founder of Apis Nativa, the students embarked on an exciting journey. They learned about the incredible social organization of bees and how they work harmoniously to maintain the colony.

Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to learn about the production of bee-derived products, including the precious honey, beeswax, and even propolis, known for its medicinal properties.

"It's essential for future generations to understand the relationship between bees and nature, as well as the vital contribution they make to our daily lives," emphasized Dr. Célio.