Honey from Apis Nativa is awarded the best of South and Central Americas in the USA.


One more time Apis Nativa's Brazilian honey is awarded in an international competition. The event is organized every year by the Center for Honey Bee Research, USA.
The contest divided the samples by their geographic regions, being South and Central America, Europe, North America, European Midwest, Far West, Africa and Islands.
This time our honey was awarded "The Best Honey in Central and South America", the region in which it was located.
This achievement adds to the other medals won at Apimondia and sets the Apis Nativa honeys as the Best Honeys in the World in several categories.
"More than the recognition of the quality of our honey, participating in this event is a way of encouraging research and preservation initiatives for bees around the world, and we are doing our part. The award is a consequence of Apis Nativa's mission. We are happy with the result of our commitment and performance.", highlighted Célio Hercílio M. da Silva, founder of Apis Nativa.